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What has been achieved so far?

For a review of the project activity undertaken from 2018 to date please view the Greenstreams Newsletters on the Issuu app by clicking on the titles below:

January 2019

March 2020 (includes a map of the proposed 3 Valleys Nature Park

Below is alist of achievements as at the close of 2019:

Access improvements

  • Lockwood Greenway: 1km cycle route alongside the River Holme.
  • 5 km of new public access along the River Colne.
  • Upgraded footpaths along 1 km of existing footpaths.

Recreation and Amenity

  • Numerous viewing and seating areas along the river.
  • Canoe access and launch on Lower Colne.
  • Easier access to the river for walking, angling, canoeing and birdwatching.
  • A network of adopted sites maintained to make them safer and more attractive to users.

Biodiversity projects

  • Managing the Birkby-Bradley Greenway for wildlife.
  • Creation of the Bat Tower and bat habitats in the Colne Valley.
  • A major woodland restructuring project in the Lower Colne Valley.
  • Develop an ARK site for the native white-clawed crayfish.
  • Helped develop the Hey Green Wildlife Site, Newsome. 
  • Work with numerous groups to help them manage important biodiversity sites.
  • Various smaller tree planting projects.
  • Feasibility study to improve fish passage up the river.
  • As part of the Big Tree Plant we have also planted 7000 trees in the Dewsbury and Batley areas including 100 fruit trees along the Spen Valley Greenway.

Trail guides: we have produced a number of these - see publicity

Dean Wood & Beaumont Park Circular

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Five Reservoir Circular

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Longwood Valley Circular

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Riverside Rambles

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Tunnel End Circular

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Milnsbridge Heritage Trail

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River Stewardship

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